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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Writing for a Purpose: What Paragraph Structure Is Being Used by Our Writers?

Your choices of Structure for the Paragraphs are:
  • Cause/Effect: Shows relationships between events and results - signal words: because, since, thus, so that, if... then, therefore, as a result,, due to for this reason, this led to, consequently.

  • Problem/Solution: Text raises questions and provides answers; problem presented and solution(s) discussed - signal words: conclude, the reason for, the solution, the problem, the evidence is, the outcome is, issues are, solved by.

  • Compare/Contrast: Shows how ideas, events, people, or other livings are alike and different - signal words: similarly, but, unlike/like, different, except, as well as, on the other hand, although, however, besides, either.. or, most while, same as, likewise, as opposed to, other than.

  • Description: The text provides details that create images so that the reader can determine how something looks, moves, smells, tastes, feels - signal words: descriptive adjectives, metaphors, and similes (for example, such as, like-as; characteristics are... using imagery words that use our senses- hearing, seeing, feeling, smelling, tasting)

  • Sequence: Familiar structures such as alphabetical order, days of the wee, seasons, numbers; information in terms of the order of events - historical account, directions, description of process - signal words: first, second, etc.; before, after, finally, last, next, first, then, now, in the beginning, in the end.

Post your thoughts in the comment section. Thanks!

1. When the sunsets every day, I have the opportunity to see something different in the sky. It is beautiful piece of art. It is has different colors combined with the blue of the sky. When I see this everyday, I know that the day is gone and a tomorrow is to come again.

by Elmer Armando

2. As I rode in the car, I wondered how will High School be. Is it going to be hard? Are the teachers going to be mean? Are there lots of girls? I wonder all of these things. But I hope it is not that bad.

by Dennis Gallo

3. The sunset is beautiful to watch on the beach. red, yellow, blue, purple mix together. It's relaxing to see. Everyday I look for it. Sunsets are an amazing picture.

by Lola Bunny

4. As I rode in the car, I wondered where my brother was taking me. He said it will be fun. We pulled up in front of a white building, the doctor's office. I jumped out and ran the opposite direction. Then he grabbed me and took me inside to get my shots. I sat there and began to cry and said, "I don't like the doctors."

by Lola Bunny

5. As I rode in the car, I wondered what I'm going to be when I get older. I know I can't follow in my older brother's footsteps. I got to choose which way my older brothers taught me. You can take the school path or take a dope boy ambitions path. But it puts alot of pressure because none of my brothers never graduate from High School. I have 5 brothers, two in jail and one doing 7 years and one doing one more month. But trying to be the youngest child trying to graduated from High School puts alot of pressure on me.

by Lil Zeke

6. The sunset is so bright that it hurt my eyes. It always shines except for at night. When I look up to the sky, sometimes I think the sun is following me. At the night the sunset goes downs and forms to a half of a moon. When I'm asleep, the sunrise will wake me up because of it's shining.

by Lil - J - Bam

7. The sunset was looking bright as ever when I first saw her. the sun was reflecting off her eyes and it made it sparkle. Then something inside me said that I had to go talk to her. I pulled up my pants and began to walk. As I walked closer, a boy walked up to her and greeted her with a hug and a kiss. I knew it was her boyfriend, I could not get mad. I just stopped walking and started looking at the sunset.

by Mookindook

These are the very first drafts of writing for a purpose.

In my opinion THEY ARE GREAT!


Anonymous said...

Elmer Armando- I loved your closing sentence. It provided me with a peaceful feeling.

Dennis Gallo - Your writing brought be back in time. I remember the nervousness involved in going to high school. Our high school was 8th grade through 12th grade.

Lola Bunny - Wow! Two pieces. I enjoyed the suspense involved in the second one. No one like shots and it's good to identify with your reader.

Lil Zeke - Your writing was filled with passion. I think completing high school is a manageable goal. Do it like you eat an elephant - one bite at a time.

Lil - J - Bam - I liked the part about the sun following you. Sometimes I feel that way, too.

Mookindook - Your writing will appeal to many students your age. Maybe you could add some dialogue to add interest.

Heather L. Schoeman
Assistant Principal
Compton Elementary School

Anonymous said...

Elmer-Your closing sentence is amazing.
Dennis-Your use of questions was effective.
Lola-I loved your use of humor.
Lil' Zeke- You will graduate because of the one word that you used, ambitious. Great word choice!
Lil' J Bam-I could relate to your thinking that the sun follows you.
Mookindook-You have a great voice in your writing. I could see you "pulling up my pants...".

Dianna Denton
Supervisor Middle Grades ELA
Cobb County School District